What We Do



Managing your wealth well is of paramount importance to you and your family’s future. At Aurora, we take care of your present and future and seek to be your trusted ally in all of your wealth management needs. 

Aurora Partners Australia was established to assist everyday Australians in obtaining access to an exclusive network of financial service offerings.As a network of industry leading companies, we are constantly growing our financial service offerings in order to provide our clients with the most effective financial solutions to their individual needs. Aurora is able to provide this unique opportunity to our clients through our extensive network of strategic partners in various financial specialties, as well as providing consultations in the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to educate. Our process aims to improve our clients‘ knowledge of available resources that could potentially benefit their personal financial position, in order to help them make sensible decisions for their financial future.

Our Customer Support Program has been exclusively designed to guide our clients through the various stages of financial decision making, ultimately, the implementation of financially superior strategies. Our clients gain ongoing access to our exclusive network of financial service providers, in order to support and manage their individual needs and changing circumstances. We invite and encourage you to make use of our unique educational process and to start taking further action in securing your financial future with the guidance and assistance of our network of professionals.

Our holistic services fall into the following categories:


We have highly trained professionals who are leaders in their field, armed with the market knowledge to deliver results and guide you on your journey to financial freedom. Our strategic approach helps you market your properties effectively, reach more prospects, and get you the results you want faster.




Financial Planning

From risk management to estate planning to debt management,  we introduce our clients to financial planners that assess every aspect of your financial life – including saving and investments, taxes, insurance, and retirement – to develop a detailed strategy for meeting your financial goals. Through our customised solutions provided by our network of firms and longstanding experience, we have helped protect generations of families and elevate our clients’ financial well-being.

Wealth Planning

Our network of financial planning firms will help work out your cash flow, make the most of your resources, and make smart decisions on your behalf. They select top notch investments that seek to deliver acceptable rates of return over the long term, mainly through helping you craft a well-diversified portfolio over various asset classes. 

Retirement Planning

Having an estate plan in place gives you total control over who inherits your assets, as well as peace of mind knowing that your family and children are in a good place if you pass away. We help you leave behind a precious gift in the form of charitable donations that you wish to provide. Our wide array of innovative retirement planning solutions is aligned with evolving legislation, building wealth and legacy in a tax-effective environment.




Our partners firms can assist you with the set up of an SMSF and provide ongoing SMSF administration services for those who want to take control of their superannuation and invest it in property, shares, or bank deposits.




Managed Funds

Our network of financial planning firms will help you choose from our broad range of listed and managed investment options across Australian and global shares, Australian real estate trusts, fixed income and bonds, infrastructure funds, and multi assets to create wealth and keep nurturing its growth potential. We help narrow down your search for a managed fund by choosing the right type, considering your risk and investment timeframe, keeping a close eye on long-term performance, and practising ethical investing. Enjoy ease of diversification, access to a wide range of investments, security and disclosure, and professional management.